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Gas Appliance Installation

If your gas boiler is more than 10 years installed it is probably only running at 60/70% efficiency. We can install a new high Efficiency boiler which can reduce your running cost by as much as 30%. Our WORCHESTER BOSCH AND IDEAL BOILERS offer a 7 year warranty on all parts.

Our team of Heating Engineers can offer a one day no hassle installation at very affordable prices.

With the latest appliances consuming more gas, home owners are now looking to upsize gas lines. At SC Plumbing and Heating services, we specialise in Replacement of old gas lines, Removal of old gas appliances, Installation of new gas appliances and will provide you with the most cost effective solution when it comes to replacing or upgrading your gas service.

We have an experienced, friendly team of gasfitters, offering you the best service when it comes to the installation of appliances, safe removal of gas appliances and most importantly, gas leak detection on your home.

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Our Gas Fitting Services Include:

  • Heating-Plumber-DublinReplacement of old gas lines

  • Installation of new gas services

  • Removal of old gas appliances

  • Installation of new gas appliances

  • Gas leak detection

  • Servicing of your old gas appliances

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